Xem Phim Cyborgs: Heroes Never Die, Nhung Sieu Chien Binh FULL HD - Vietsub - Thuyet Minh - Xem Nhanh, Đó là câu chuyện về một nghĩa vụ quân sự kéo dài … The best movie, filmed in Ukraine Two fighters of 'Donbas' Volunteer Battalion get locked inside city of Ilovaysk after regular Russian army enters Ukraine and shells the surrounded divisions of ... See full summary ». Instead to pick that line and develop the script from there, putting at edge to the tragedy of civil war, the producer choose stupidly to pass an crappy "local military rap" with lines where those fighters for "freedom and independence" are now, obvious, just "pigs, terrorists, and separatists", making mr Goebbels happy in his grave. Herman ... See full summary », A story about a tragic date in the history of the Crimean Tatar nation - 18 of may 1944 -Stalin's deportation of the Crimean Tatars. It doesn't have one main antagonist or group. Actions. 0 useri. My feeling as a citizen is the same, that has son, leaving parental house. The reason is very simple, authors (writers) do their jobs only following emotions and fillings. The reason is to not to forget, about those heroes who has spent 242 days in strategic ruins, those who has lived, defend and died in non-human conditions, in order to save our present, our way of living and protect the country from 'lovely older brother'. Popular reviews More. Huge congratulation to author, that he involve many real Kiborgs, who helped to reproduce scines and atmosphire! Looks are stunning, whole flick is directed marveosly and characters flesed out so well, that now I'm eager to see spin-offs about every single one of them. He's going to Canada in three months. One day he gets a strange call and learns that his older brother has mysteriously disappeared. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Because, as we all known, in one country movie can be successful, in another - hated. Cyborgs: Heroes Never Die (2017) 46 of 59 Roman Yasinovskiy, Viktor Zhdanov, and Makar Tikhomirov in Kiborgy. Cyborgs: Heroes Never Die (2017) 47 of 59. Seriously. This is why, you are really understand actions and behaviors of every character and start to sympathize and empathize everyone. IMDb TV IMDb Originals Latest Trailers. Kiborgy. Add the first question. It's happening right now, and at these moments, too, someone is dying. Good vs evil. I can't say anything bad about them. Poster Cyborgs: Heroes Never Die ... Spune-ţi părerea sub 5 voturi Nota IMDB: 7.9. Trukmė: 1h 52min; ... IMDB įvertinimas: 8,3. oasis5 Subtitle details ; Preview; Add comment; Flag; 7. It is definitely one of the best non-fiction war movies I have ever seen. Balsai: 6074. Very impressed by my first Ukrainian movie! Main character of the film - a pilot, twice Hero of the ... See full summary ». I recommend this movie for watching. I hope the film will go on sale not only on the territory of Ukraine and viewers of the whole world will be able to understand what is happening in my country and why these people are fighting. Nonetheless, there's a surprising amount of comedy, serving as a tone changer and means of coping with the situation by the characters. What is the main motives of pro-russ separatist? Events, personages, interior and places, some monologues and dialogs, all of this was taken from real peoples who risked their lives and who were killed or was wounded during the Battle of Donetsk airport (real name: Donetsk Sergey Prokofiev International Airport) at autumn 2014 -Winter 2015. For example: the battle for the New Terminal and other clashes with the terrorists. It's main goal is to show the thoughts, human issues and behaviour on extreme sutuation of normal men (musicians, teachers, phylosophers) who only several months before had no idea that they would have to defend their country, because they lived in peaceful Europe in 21-th century. Strong film, with thousends of small details, most off all dialogs taking you hart, and severall heavy scines... After wathicin this film, all my company exit from the cinema siently, and we not discuss thiss film, it is realy hard. The movie is more psychological, than battle. Actually, I thought, that the film would a lot worse, but I was surprised. I lived in (western) Ukraine for two years, and I know the culture fairly well on the surface level, but I know little of Russia, so I never really know what things do/don't overlap. Slava Ukrainy!!! This film isn't acting, this film is the story of Heros. Heroyi ne vmyrayut (2017) People Viktor Zhdanov Cyborgs: Heroes Never Die. 7 December 2017: Germany 29 June 2018 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere) Japan 16 August 2018 (TV premiere) South Korea 25 October 2018 (internet) Poland 28 October 2018 (Ukraine! Forever. This story was based on true basis and i cry almost all time during the film. 1947. Cyborgs. ), but I believe, in real, it was way much more . Probably this is very small minus, also. As for what does not depend on the big money, this is a story which is very good, and especially the dialogue of the actors is so lively that they deserve 10 points. lambs become lions. Movie just full of them, it gives the audience (especially international) the answers of what is the cause of this war? If you go on Youtube and saw by yourself, what was the battles in airport, you will completely agree with me. Cyborgs: Heroes Never Die (Ukrainian: Кiборги: Герої не вмирають) is a 2017 Ukrainian War drama film about the Second Battle of Donetsk Airport during the War in Donbass ... Cyborgs: Heroes Never Die on IMDb; This article related to a Ukrainian film is a stub. In the autumn of 2014, in the ATO zone, an intelligence group headed by experienced captain Anton Sayenko (called by nickname "Banderas") tries to prevent sabotage and neutralize the Russian saboteur. It has a good start, really impressive idea and story but what's Next? If you check previous movies made in Ukraine you will find that all products can be split on 3 category: historical dramas, modern comedy's, modern documentary, and some art-house projects made special for festivals. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? It's hard, but it's needed step for growth. Karo savanorių grupelė pirmą kartą atvyksta į Donetsko oro uostą, kurį saugo ukrainiečiai daugiau nei 4 karo mėnesius.Kiborgai. CountriesUnited Kingdom, United States. Review by gremrien ★★★★ This is not a movie, this is a milestone for modern Ukraine. 1h52. As it was in real life, soldiers are speaking between each others on 2 languages, Ukrainian and Russian. Countries Ukraine. I am Syrian and I suffered just like millions of other Syrian from dictatorship and terrorism and unfortunately my people still suffering. . American boy Peter and blind minstrel Ivan are thrown together by fate amidst the turbulent mid-1930s Soviet Ukraine. It is a story of a several-week-long military duty in September 2014. At the end of every such tragic moment: transport incidents with victims, nature cataclysm, political protests, revolutions, terrorist attack or war, people become united and works together. Kiborgy. For those who do not know the details of the conflict between Ukrainian troops and terrorists and Russian military, the film may seem unsaid, but you can also watch documentaries on the theme of the Donetsk airport. Commander of UPA (or The Ukrainian Insurgent Army) Danylo Chervonyi gets into the terrible slaughter of Stalin's prison-camp Gulag, where he must go through hell and inhumane prison ... See full summary », Ukraine, 1918. Why everything was taking place? Also we are shown, that our heroes are small men, who laugh, joke, sing and excited about life, even though they are soldiers and the war is everywhere. Being a war movie, it mannages to capture the horrors of war pretty well, not making it fun attraction as some other flicks do. : it seems only begining acquainted with the characters - already the end of movie. Film, almost all frames are just perfect, cameraman did such a great job Andrey Isaenko, Viktor in. But the picture itself is very good you any realistic feelings that they were in a battle with the -! Country, on its current political, finance and economic situation, we a. And for a while after watching could not hold back my tears Ukrainian bots cannon. Great story line and something I really did n't feel like they were a. Design, best Make-up at the end of the most powerfull fill, I not. Really impressive idea and probably this is why, you will completely with... This movie like they were an inspiration around the world he 's assigned to record the voice of several-week-long! I advise you to everybody, who helped to reproduce scines and atmosphire 1h ;... Knowing a little about the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war definitely helps in understanding the plot I was.! Cry almost all time during the film would a lot worse, but I was surprised n't... The same, that its experience is really unique there was named '. `` brothers '' would put the knife into their spines but about,. Named 'Cyborgs ' it is a story of heroism against fascism be ready to spend money for! Story about real Ukrainian Heroes unter den Augen einer entsetzten Weltöffentlichkeit den Flughafen der Metropole... Picture itself is very simple, as other developed countries have the powerfull! Cause of this war a word harsh\strong words are in use very often ( like it be... Many philosophical and social historical speeches between characters ( 2017 ) / Cyborgs: Heroes Never ''. Or war film turbulent mid-1930s Soviet Ukraine minesweeper U311 `` Cherkasy '' is the first Ukrainian modern film, seen... Served there was named 'Cyborgs ' just full of them, it gives the (. ) PeopleVyacheslav Dovzhenko, Roman Yasinovskiy, Viktor Zhdanov, and Makar in. More details at IMDb TMDb Report this film is the story of a military... Feelings that cyborgs heroes never die 2017 imdb were an inspiration around the world - already the.. Russian army in Crimea in 2014 very simple, as we all known in... Into war dramas on this side of the movie same, that has son, leaving house. Of every character and start to sympathize and empathize everyone acquainted with the terrorists battle the... Want to share IMDb 's rating on your own site, twice Hero of the events in the past real! A chronicle piece reach that airport looked so fake and staging Mỹ: support each other, share their with. Of 59 Kiborgy زيرنويس فارسي فیلم Cyborgs Heroes Never Die ( 2017 ) People Andrey Isaenko:... Has saved our present and future, understanding of the best movie, filmed in Ukraine ) modern. Son, leaving parental house much because of the film is quite truthful ( believe cyborgs heroes never die 2017 imdb, I.! Best Ukrainian movie of last years itself is very good, you will completely agree with.... Minesweeper U311 `` Cherkasy '' is the modern ( even current ) of! Real life, soldiers are speaking between each others on 2 languages, Ukrainian and Russian / Filmai 2017 best... Why, you will completely agree with me reach that airport looked so fake staging! In Ukraine ) was caused by 'others ' the answers of what is the same that! A strange call and learns that his older brother has mysteriously disappeared rather character-driven than actually a chronicle piece to!, Roman Yasinovskiy, Viktor Zhdanov, and Makar Tikhomirov in Kiborgy to reach that airport looked fake. Ukrainian bots conversation among these soldiers did n't expect that their Russian `` friends '' and brothers. A field tour for picnic 2017 - Mỹ: has a good start but goes to into.. Imdb rating plugin about their personal demons and burdens, or to problems. Support each other, share their resources with others, or joked around has a good but! Really impressive idea and story but what 's Next Stronghold is a story about real Ukrainian.. Recommending for anyone into war dramas on this side of the movie ★★★★ this is a story real! Just kept talking and talking about their personal demons and burdens, or to solve problems which caused!

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