Despite the fact that yo-yos are used as bludgeoning weapons, they replace the Bash command with the Shoot command. Typically, approaching one directly from either the left or right side will get you a green battle swirl. Categories ... Ness can equip this weapon. Earthbound Cheats, cheat codes for Earthbound, codes for Earthbound, Earthbound hints, Earthbound codes. The Casey bat is however extremely useful for netting instant wins on the field, since it boosts your attack stat immensely but instant wins don't take your equipped weapon's accuracy into account! Like all bats in EarthBound, this item can only be equipped by Ness. Now Stonehenge base is a pain. Aside from weapons, a character's speed of enemies can also sometimes alter the chances of you hitting. Index » Items » Casey bat: Enemies / Items / PSI / Shops: Basic Information. It increases Ness' offense stat by 68 and misses 1/16 of the time. There are at least three yo-yos in each game, and they are obtained from Drugstores, selected shops, gift boxes, and events. Master Barf will go down, you’ll pick up the Casey Bat, and Poo will rejoin your party. Mainly just an Easter egg reference to an old poem about a baseball player Itoi caves: This awesome bat was personally autographed. My recommendation: Once you get out, go buy the bat in Scaraba, it should help you make it through the Sanctuary to the next town. Its Japanese name matches that of the Hall of fame bat from EarthBound. Yo-yos are weapons that can be equipped and appears in EarthBound and Mother 3. Casey Bat in Magicant First time Earthbound player here. It is a powerful bat, but normally has a horrible accuracy with a one in four chance of hitting anything. I have realized a bit too late that the Casey Bat is absolute trash with its hit rate and now I’m stuck in Magicant without any other weapons. Tenda Village Head up and follow the path to the left to make your way to land and out of the swamp. I haven’t played this game in like 5 years and was playing today and got the Casey bat and sold my other bat. Worth testing, I suppose? Well this is about the only time that this weapon is ever going to be of use so it's nice to get the chance to make the most of it. ... Casey Bat: When you get the Casey Bat, do not use it. Buy Price: $38 Sell Price: $19 Can be used by: What stats are affected when I equip this item? The main trick you'll want to exploit are the Starmen's weird orientations. There's a good chance that you may just whiff. Contrary to its name, this is not Ness' ultimate weapon, for his true ultimate weapon is actually the Legendary bat. So yeah, explanation: the Casey Bat is the strongest possible attacking item in the game, but it only hits 25% of the time you use it. War-Lord. EB Board Rules; Game Help / Quick Questions; Cart Legitimacy; Casey Bat. Trick Yo-Yo $998 $499 +40 Combat Yo-Yo $1148 $574 +50 Armor Hank's bat: いいバット Supreme bat +48 N/A If Hank's Bat would get confiscated by the police in Ellay, it can be rebought for $1400 from a policeman in the city's police station. It can be bought for $2298, at the Tenda shop in the Lost Underworld and sold for $1149. RSS; Reply! This trick shows up on a number of cheat sites and the like, but forum posts on the subject seem more skeptical. Mt. The Ultimate Bat can only be found in EarthBound. This weapon can be shared among party members. » EarthBound / MOTHER 2 » Casey Bat; EarthBound / MOTHER 2. You can't help but swing this bat with all your might. Because of this … There's also a special weapon for Ness you get later on called the Casey Bat, which is a weapon with especially high attack, but it also has a very low hit rate to the point it'll miss more attacks than it hits on average (only 4/16 hit rate).