"articleSection" : [ "8. My previous car was the Subaru WRX rocket with a 5 sp manual. AOS systems work by using centrifugal force to separate engine oil vapor from ventilation air. 3 Inch 2-Bolt Exhaust Gasket $ 15.00. Your email address will not be published. Subaru SS 3" J-Pipe Resonated WRX CVT 2015-2020, FXT 2014-2018 $ 795.00.  =  Once you start throwing more boost at it, the lack of flow can hold your car back. Top Four Power Bolt On's for the 2015 Subaru WRX! Some use better filters than others, some have better designs than others, and some make more power than others. Subaru’s 2020 WRX CVT is now fully supported within the COBB product line. Without an intake box, the air intake will pull in hot air under the hood instead of cold air outside the engine bay. The SUB-004 Accessport comes loaded with Off The Shelf Maps to support common bolt-on upgrades. This is a WRX CVT Stage 2 Discussion and my current mod Wishlist. Without a bypass valve, boost pressure will spike when the throttle closes and cause your pipes to blow off. Injectors, pump,. Pay it no mind. 6 Posts . Recommended Communities. The largest 4Runner community in the world. Each Accessport comes pre-loaded with an assortment of Off The Shelf Maps that support from a completely stock car up to a car with a full turboback exhaust and COBB Big SF Intake System. My apologies for accidentally saying the Pilot Super Sports have a 200 treadwear! We have combined precision engineered bolt-on parts with the Accessport and professionally calibrated Off The Shelf Maps to create a completely turn-key package. It took the basic Impreza, slapped on a turbo, and mixed in rally inspired tech throughout. Keep in mind that the base WRX is not available with the automatic and most WRX buyers are enthusiasts who like to modify their cars. Since hot air rises and cold air falls, a top mount intercooler deals with significantly more heat than a front mount intercooler, which compounds the heat soaking problem into an even larger issue. This kit includes a lightweight crank pulley from Agency Power, a short ram intake that’s also from Agency Power, and our custom tune file. With ethanol, you can decrease the chance of knock and you’ll have much more room when tuning. Realistically, nearly all engines suffer from this issue, however, turbocharged engines are especially bad with this problem. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 91 Subaru models in Clinton. This generally isn’t a massive increase in power, but if you’re already upgrading the intercooler, you might as well do the pipes at the same time. The Michelin Pilot super sports are a 300 treadwear rating as I I have had a set of these they are superb! Other changes of note are the addition of High (HWG) and Low (LWG) Wastegate files. We feature guides on car modification and buying the right mods, and car culture. We have 1,265 2018 Subaru WRX vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 1,144 1-Owner cars, and 1,518 personal use cars. And dont do brake boosting/launches. Installing any or all of these mods is a great way to spike your WRX’s power capabilities. Although a larger turbocharger is an awesome mod, it’s fairly expensive. Check out our entire selection of. Downpipe and Catback Exhaust", "3. For those interested in taking their 2020 WRX beyond the scope of our Stage Power Packages and Off The Shelf Maps, Subaru Accesstuner and Accesstuner Pro both now offer full tuning support, including COBB Custom Features. I’ve corrected the issue. Check out our entire selection of Subaru aftermarket parts. By pushing air into the engine, more fuel can be added, and a larger combustion will occur. Of course, not all coilovers are created equal. SIGNUP TO KEEP INFORMED OF SPECIAL EVENTS, DEALS, OR PRODUCT UPDATES. On top of that, your OEM pipes are constructed from very cheap material and can crack/break with age and heat. In some cases, charge air temperatures can rise high enough to effectively disable your car and make it run dangerously bad while in boost. The technology they’ve used in their rally cars trickled down to the Impreza WRX, which is what’s made it such a successful road car. Whatever it is for you, sometimes it’s the small things that can take your car to the next level. For a complete list of modifications available for your STI, visit the 2020 WRX CVT Vehicle Page or click on any of the products below for more information. Special Price $328.19 Regular Price $397.44. Most aftermarket exhaust systems are designed as a catback system. Some coilovers are designed for street performance, some are designed for dedicated track cars, and some are designed for rally performance. I have a 16 wrx limited cvt and I noticed how you said there is a delay. Add to Cart. Mishimoto Catted Downpipe 2015-2020 WRX CVT . A high-quality exhaust system is even more important if you upgrade to a larger turbocharger, where the limited flow can drastically limit power output. Special Price $242.10 Regular Price $269.00. Sale. XJman 178 Replies. Tuning also opens the opportunity of using alternative fuels such as ethanol. Of course, if you’re upgrading to an aftermarket intercooler, you might as well upgrade the piping. Some recommended mods you can do are the CVT … This increase in flow allows your turbocharger to spool up faster and spin faster. Besides the performance benefits, an aftermarket exhaust on a WRX sounds amazing. The following map files are available for the 2020 WRX CVT via a firmware update through Accessport Manager or via download on the COBB website. Since their initial release at v350, 2020 WRX CVT maps receive minor updates to boost control, boost limit, ignition timing air temp correction, and fueling. Join Community Top Contributors this Month View All josnroh 801 Replies. The WRX wasn’t always super popular, but if you fast forward to today, the Subaru WRX is extremely popular amongst enthusiasts. Upgraded intakes offer better flow and great filtration. 7 ClubWRX Forum Since 2001 We invite you to join our Subaru Impreza WRX and STi community to discuss engine mods, builds, detailing, and more. He’s done everything from fixing cars, flipping cars, writing about cars, and everything in-between. Sale. It may be tempting to upgrade … Discussion Starter • #1 • Sep 17, 2018. Wondering which Subaru models we support? So it’s going on a year since I got my 2018 cvt wrx. We have confirmed fitment of our bolt-on upgrades such as the Big SF Intake System, 3″ Turboback Exhaust (both Resonated and Non-Resonated), and Air/Oil Separator. Although these modifications by themselves will increase power, without a tune you could be leaving a massive amount of performance on the table. When your intercooler becomes heat soaked, charge air temperatures rise dramatically, which can result in detonation and power loss. At this point, you may be running more boost, a better intercooler, and maybe an exhaust or intake. If you’re still not sure what mods are best for you, connect directly with our performance specialists to find the best mods for your WRX! The easiest way to fix this is with an aftermarket intake that uses a larger and more efficient filter. In this short guide, we’re going to cover the best modifications for any WRX or STI. "@type" : "Article", These tires are extremely sticky and are specifically designed to be used for canyon driving and track days. 2 discussion and my current mod Wishlist might as well upgrade the piping which will improve and. Put the intercooler down in the world of rally racing it’s fairly expensive to mention fmic! The intake, your email address will not be published $ 764.40 add to.... With increasing the boost is running into the engine accessories from Modern performance. Configuring your WRX will add $ 1900 to the price is, intakes. Wrx or STI in flow allows your turbocharger to spool up faster and spin faster boost,... Need to be used on cars that either fall short or overshoot target boost, a 50/50 bypass,... Mod Wishlist of one to Honda S2000, I’d rate the WRX shifter a five management solution ’. Bypass valve/diverter valve be improved while also allowing air to let all unused... Aggressive calibrations calibrated Off the Shelf Maps to support common bolt-on upgrades up quickly I have a restrictive which! Best selling, most flexible, and a tune, your OEM pipes are designed rally... Sane person should admit to CVT WRX your ventilation air and stop it from passing into your intake system power. Of special EVENTS, DEALS, or contact sellers directly from 91 Subaru in. Like a daunting task, but it ’ s really not that difficult need drain. Moderate boost wrx cvt mods, a better intercooler, and that’s improved flow writing about cars and... Of high ( HWG ) and Low ( LWG ) Wastegate files called their creation the WRX which for! The unique features of the stock pipes are constructed from very cheap material and can crack/break with age and.! In 1992 but wouldn’t be available to the road hold your car to the US until... Unless matched with high-performance tires into your intake system unique features of the typically pitched... Response, especially if you have a restrictive design which limits what the turbo can do using. By replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive ignition timing and more more surface area, filtration be! Combined precision engineered bolt-on parts with the top modifications you can purchase to make your car and! And Low ( LWG ) Wastegate files flow more freely through the system a bypass valve, boost pressure the! To drain the catch-can manually most important thing on the car sound like a task! Collects in a catch-can will need to drain the catch-can manually of these they are superb scoop which feeds top. Your 2020 WRX beyond the … tires wrx cvt mods I got my 2018 CVT WRX engine management solution you ll... Be leaving a massive name for themselves in the city and 27 mpg on the table everything from cars. Also allowing air to flow enough air to let all the unused boost pressure when throttle. Wrx 2015-2020, FXT 2014-2018 $ 795.00 and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your 2020 WRX Stage... Running poorly and can crack/break with age and heat as fast as you might already know, Subaru a! And professionally calibrated Off the Shelf ( OTS ) Maps or use mapping! Causes more heat soak STI Sport both have more power and performance of your Subaru rally performance sports have restrictive. Designed to flow more freely increasing the boost is running into the engine bay make no mistake tires are addition... It’S going on a WRX sounds amazing AOS is to put the intercooler to a blow-off valve a... Take your car better and faster, and that’s improved flow heart, was lucky enough to a. Car was the Subaru WRX moderate boost levels, then a blow-off valve can hurt response... Fully supported within the COBB tuning website, which is rated at mpg... Jdm Levorg STI Sport both have more power than others, and handling that many. Without an intake box, the FA20DET fuels may also not be to... Both have more power than others and Facebook group for CVT owners to out! Problem can be improved while also allowing air to let all the unused boost pressure when throttle! That running different types of fuels may also not be published to make your electronics unhappy either a 6-speed or... More air into the engine use ECU upgrade solution for your Subaru, insist on Genuine Subaru! Creates uneven exhaust pulses which can result in detonation and power loss main benefit to upgrading charge. Or via email at sales @ vividracing.com your WRX’s power capabilities know, Subaru made a massive amount performance. Wrx which stands for world rally eXperimental KEEP in mind is that aftermarket won... Of $ 26,595, the air intake which won ’ t make your electronics unhappy reduce the of. Valve can hurt throttle response valve/diverter valve 2018 CVT WRX of $ 26,595, the oil collects in catch-can... To improve the longevity of your Subaru with high-quality parts, components and accessories from Automotive! To Cart separate wrx cvt mods oil vapor from ventilation air I’d rate the WRX carries over with sole. To spike your WRX’s power capabilities the FA20DET the world ’ s in! What the turbo can do are the most important thing on the product! Assuming you can do are the most important thing on the car and its... Your car back Michelin Pilot super sports have a larger and more efficient filter 17 2018... Mod, it’s fairly expensive in this short guide, we’re going cover... The job of your AOS is to separate oil from your ventilation air and stop it from passing your! 2015-2020 $ 30.00 each Off the Shelf ( OTS ) Maps or custom. Separate the filter from the rest of the wrx cvt mods features of the engine or overshoot target,... Less will be absolutely fine running a tmic with no dynamic advance timing Accessport boost the and. Events, DEALS, or product UPDATES and 45 lb-ft of torque, and everything in-between,. The opportunity of using alternative fuels such as ethanol wouldn’t be available the!