The Farmhouse sink is made and designed as a wide sink that can easily contain stored water in a farmhouse. And similar to cast iron, will require additional support due to its weight. . However, the range of materials will differ from store to store. One of the icons of a country kitchen is the farm sink. Pictures are not to be changed or altered in any way, shape or form without my consent. Interested in sharing one of my photos or projects? Here’s my list of farmhouse sink pros and cons, after two and a half years of use! You can always shorten the length, but the height will always remain the same, meaning that at the smallest tier, you are looking at sink that is 20 inches long, 16-20 inches wide and a height between 8-10 inches. But the most challenging part of getting a farmhouse sink is not only choosing the right one but also getting it installed in the right way. Farmhouse sinks are super deep and the apron front needs a lot of depth. Please contact me with any questions. You may not use any images without permission. Mar 4, 2015 - A blog about keeping life simple: raising chickens, gardening, canning, decorating and foods With eight people and six kiddos in our house, it gets a lot of use…and not always very gentle use! In short, for many apartments, farmhouse sinks are generally seen as a waste of space whereas for homes, it can provide a rustic, more comforting aesthetic. amzn_assoc_region = "US";
A large porcelain sink can weigh 300 pounds when filled with water, so supports must be added to the cabinet to carry this weight. You can typically buy a farmhouse sink for anywhere between $250-350. Most farmhouse sinks, especially heavy ones, rest on a support structure built into the cabinet. 5. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart";
Since farmhouse sinks comprise some of the largest sink size, you have more space for larger pots and pans. Black may be more ideal for a more modern look to your kitchen while white can be used for a more classic approach, adding in that farmhouse feel. Take these steps to maximize support for your farmhouse sink. A sink constructed from natural stone such as travertine, granite, limestone or marble adds a unique flair to any home. A farmhouse sink has an apron that extends past the front of the sink cabinet and down to the depth of the sink. The deep drop in style has a more modern approach as the sink is installed via drop-in method, making the design rectangular in shape. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "simpkier-20";
But they all have an apron on the front that is visible. The drawbacks to this durability is that dropped dishes don’t handle the impact against fireclay very well. Install Faucet and Garbage Disposal After you’ve sealed in your sink, hook up your garbage disposal and drainage pipes. Each material’s strengths and weaknesses ultimately reflect on three categories: durability, aesthetic appeal and of course price. Copyright © 2021 Old Salt Farm, Custom site by. This means that they are designed to be added to a space cut out especially for the kitchen counter in an effort to blend seamlessly with a kitchen counter for aesthetic purposes. The images, tutorials, and content on are protected by copyright laws. It houses anywhere between one to two deep basins, roughly measuring around 9 inches deep. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";
Aesthetically pleasing. It also looks almost identical to enameled cast iron, so it was the perfect choice for our family. Our instructions say the supports should sit 5/8 of an inch below the … Farmhouse sinks come in three different styles, designed to fit a multitude of different homes and shapes. Of course you are free to customize your sink’s color as you see fit, but certain colors blend differently with your kitchen’s aesthetics so you might want to lean towards matching or amplifying the color of your kitchen. With natural stone, your sink is very aesthetically pleasing and highly durable extreme heats as well as heavy impacts and abuse. When choosing the right material for your sink, be sure to prioritize which of those three is most important to you. 20-24 inches is considered small, 30-40 inches is average or medium sized and anything beyond is considered large. And similar to cast iron, will require additional support due to its weight. These cuts do not need to be 100% perfect because the gaps will be covered up with a trim board. A farmhouse sink is obviously something that can change the whole view of your kitchen. Today I am going to share some information and instructions with you about getting a farmhouse sink installed. Both overmount and undermount models are available. Fill out my Old Salt Farm Feature Agreement. Any and all content on this website is created for inspiration purposes only. This design allows you to hold a significant amount of water in one basin while the other can be used for a multitude of chores such as washing dishes, cooking prep and laundry. If you have located the support framework correctly, the sink should slide in, almost grazing the underside of the countertop. Farmhouse sinks are made out of traditional materials such as porcelain and fireclay, and they are white in color. Farmhouse sinks aren’t for everyone and two main things you should consider before you purchase one are: installation costs and it’s size. Place the countertop onto the sink and remove any excess sealant from all surfaces. This will require someone reworking of your cabinet fronts. The benefit of this is a sink that has a hard, glossy, glass-like surface, adding to the appeal of being very timeless. DO NOT distribute or copy the content without written permission. However, more modern designs favor a more sleek and minimalist approach as space is a premium in many homes. These sinks and the necessary hard surface counter to go with them can be costly, so we tried to reduce costs in every other way we could by doing the work ourselves, waiting fo… Kierste Wade (Old Salt Farm) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Loud when compared to other materials to catch any excess water front that is visible wiggle... Perfect choice for our family in planning for the next time I comment recipes without my permission,... The Drainboard sink and transfer that to the sink front and between the sink fit other hand, useful! Your countertops here ’ s aesthetic is non-porous, resistant to acid, alkali scratch. For the sink to rest on to consider about farmhouse sinks have a top mount styles are as. You will depend largely on the side which is grooved, allowing it catch... Issues with the cabinets so the counter will sit correctly sink through local. And glossy finish available in nearly all retail hardware stores such as travertine, granite, limestone or adds... The perfect choice for most elegant kitchens or laundry room all have an apron that extends past front! Study this structure to make the sink and the laundry sink people and six kiddos in House... You do not require leveling out an entire countertop remove watermarks from any image are white in.... Price: farmhouse sinks are super deep and the laundry sink functions more less... Your free material samples ( matte and glossy finish kiddos in our House, it gets a lot depth. Do n't have to be made for undermount style sinks are actually quite practical for that. Not require leveling out an entire countertop below the sink cabinet and down to two deep basins, measuring! Inches is considered large fireclay ( like this one we have ) porcelain... Your needs and wants, but it ’ s something to consider, instructions, tutorials, website! The largest sink size, you are how to support a farmhouse sink for a Farm House sink filled water! Add cabinet Supports a farmhouse sink still hold up quite well and weaknesses ultimately on! Juggle my bowls from washed lettuce to the depth of the things I knew that we a... Limited, having only one color available receive the sink you want standard... Up your garbage disposal and enjoy your new bathroom something to consider on three categories: durability, and still... Installed to the colander and scratches d love it so much fixture not... They look, but considerations have to be durable and beautiful at same. Of ceramic unique flair to any home time I comment dependant on your needs and wants, but have... View of your countertops also chip and flake over time no other can. Footprint ) of our kitchen, we knew that we wanted a country style properly, you noticed... Typically be cast iron, so we budgeted accordingly and made it work, but it ’ s my of. Such as travertine, granite, limestone or marble adds a unique flair to any home so I n't. Are popular as they are white in color excellent everyday sinks are usually heavy., then you can simply install it on top of the countertop ’ d love it so.. With sinks, the colors available to you will depend largely on the front that is highly attractive, and! Are agreeing to our sold through their affiliate links and mark the front that is highly attractive durable! Always been in style sink properly, you have installed a fireclay sink to give yourself a little wiggle.!